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Terms And Conditions

  • The student is instructed to handle the belongings of the academy with proper care. In case of any damage or repair, the respective student is solely responsible for the replacement of the belongings.
  • Academy fees should be paid within the stipulated time. In case of non- payment of the fees, the academy has the right to send out the student at any moment.
  • A student is supposed to be present in the respective classes in time.
  • The student should not involve in any Political affairs/ Community problems inside the academy. If any such involvement is found, action will be taken against the particular student as per law and also will be sent out of the academy.
  • Smoking and drinking liquor are strictly prohibited inside the academy. If such misbehavior is found inside the academy the particular person will immediately be sent out without any previous intimation.
  • Unwanted roomers should not be spread by any student. If any such roomer is spread by anyone then he/she will be immediately sent out.
  • The students are requested to keep the surroundings of the academy clean.
  • The students must attend all the respective classes regularly. He/ She should maintain his/her attendance percentage at the minimum of 75%, if the same is below 75%, he/she will not be sent to the exam.
  • Student’s fees once paid to the institution are not refundable at any cause.
  • The class time once fixed will not be changed without any proper reason.
  • The students who join the online classes should pay the fixed fees in time without failure.
  • The students should be attentive without diverting the class.
  • The students should strictly follow the discipline of our unify academy to obtain the best proficiency.
  • The online student fees paid to the academy will not be refunded at any cause.
  • The faculties can be changed at any time according to the conveniences of the academy. The student should not insist on any particular faculty.
  • The academy is not responsible for any misdeed in case it happens.
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